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Letter From Our Bay Area County Director
As we transition from the health aspect to the economic impacts of COVID-19, our most vulnerable and underserved populations are and will continue to be disproportionately impacted. Poverty among predominantly communities of color continue to impact educational opportunities. Food security is and will continue to be a concern, as those most impacted do not have physical, social, and economic access to sufficient, safe, and nutritious food that meets their food preferences and dietary needs for an active and healthy lifestyle. In addition, the senseless death of George Floyd has once again highlighted institutionalized racial injustices in America. Read More

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Cooperative Extension
Costa County
2380 Bisso Lane, Ste. B

Concord, CA 94520-4829

Main Office: 925-608-6670
Fax: 925-608-6697
Master Gardeners: 925-608-6683
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Email: cecontracosta@ucdavis.edu

Director:  Frank McPherson

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  • UCCE Integrated Approach Increases Students' Water Consumption
    UCCE Integrated Approach Increases Students' Water Consumption

    Over the last four decades, rates of childhood obesity have more than tripled for school-aged youth. Sugar-sweetened beverage (SSB) intake contributes to excessive weight gain. Youth's risk for obesity increases an average of 60% with every additional daily serving of soda. In Shasta County 39% of children ages 2-17 consumed one or more SSBs daily and 33% were considered overweight or obese. The Dietary Guidelines for Americans encourage individuals to choose water as the best non-caloric substitute for SSBs. UCCE was ready to mobilize resources and partnerships to improve the health outcomes of Shasta County youth through education, marketing and promotion, and environmental changes that supported water consumption.

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